PV Solar Modules and Custom Solar Panels Prototyping and Design

PV Solar Modules: Prototyping & Custom Design

As a manufacturer of PV solar modules, we are committed to produce products of high quality, reliability and performance. Our US based photovoltaic production facility in New Mexico manufactures custom solar panels and components that meet the specific requirements of our customers. We are able to manufacture a range of custom PV solar modules giving our customers a definite competitive edge in a fast paced, changing market. Our New Mexico PV manufacturing facility also houses our PV module design, testing and R&D divisions.

By working together with our customers through product design, required performance and quality, we provide a total PV manufacturing experience. As photovoltaic manufacturers, our goal is to include our customers in our production processes. We do this to share our experience and to instill confidence in our customers; this translates to confidence in the products we produce for them.

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