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PV CONSULTING - Sales & Marketing
As PV consultants serving the solar energy industries, XC3 International can help you start your own solar business through training and assistance with sales and marketing as well as business planning. Whether interested in manufacturing, reselling, or installing products, XC3i PV consulting services can help you launch a successful photovoltaic company.

START UP - Photovoltaic Companies
XC3i's Marketing Consulting Group will tailor a comprehensive sales and marketing approach for your new photovoltaic company. We will assist your company to take advantage of the fast growing PV industry.

Our highly experienced PV consultants study all aspects of business in your chosen markets. This translates into your photovoltaic company successfully launching your products and services and doing business with greater efficiency.

EXISTING - Photovoltaic Companies
XC3i's Marketing Consulting Group will assist your sales and marketing team approach new and overlooked opportunities.

Your company will enter your new markets armed with all the information you need in order to immediately begin business. PV consultants will review laws, taxation, competition. and distribution strategies, You and your company will conduct business more effectively and ultimately - that means lower costs and higher profits.

Contact our PV consultants today for an initial consultation. We will be happy to explain our services and the benefits that XC3i will bring to your photovoltaic company.

PV MANUFACTURING - Analysis & Design
XC3i is capable of providing detailed factory designs including all materials and comprehensive equipment specifications. Our PV consultants can identify all costs, at any level of capacity, for single crystal silicon, polycrystalline cast ingot silicon and amorphous silicon manufacturing plants. We can design plants from ModCo's to full integrated facilities.

BUSINESS PLANS - Start Your Own Solar Business
XC3i has authored and evaluated PV industry business plans including those for PV manufacturing, distribution and integration. Our PV consultants’ many years of experience are available to help author or evaluate your plan.

Our PV consultants assist clients in evaluating business opportunities in the PV industry.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE - For Your Photovoltaic Company
Our PV consultants assist clients in evaluating competitive photovoltaic companies in terms of pricing, PV products, technologies, business plans and market entry barriers. To discuss your business needs with an experienced PV consultant, contact XC3i.